Leah & Matt featured on French Wedding Style and Madame C.!

Remember Leah and Matt’s rustic chic wedding we had pleasure of putting together? We know that we were very happy with the way the day turned out, so we are flattered to see their celebration garnering some attention in the blogosphere. Both Monique at French Wedding Style and Le Blog de Madame C. recently highlighted the lovely little Provencal wedding on their websites. With additional details and personal commentary from the bride, you can almost pretend you were at estate in the south of France with the couple on there special day, almost.

We can’t help but smile at the bride’s gracious mentions of us –

There a lots more lovely photos and colorful depictions of the day in both articles- check them out here and here!

Rustic Chic in Provence

We just had the pleasure of planning a rustic chic wedding for a lovely couple from Toronto, Leah and Matt.  The two had originally began their wedding plans with their native city in mind, but as the guest list (and therefore, expenses!) kept expanding, a very appealing alternative option presented itself: to get married in France!